Karaïbes Hôtel & Résidence

Mamelles Zoological Park


  38 kms from Karaïbes Hôtel et Résidence

Located on the Route de la Traversée, on the edge of the Parc National de la Guadeloupe, this park is distinguished by its tranquility and perfectly natural setting.
A modern-day Noah’s Ark, it is home to some 85 animal species from the Caribbean and French Guiana, including mammals, birds, reptiles and arthropods – a total of over 450 individuals.

Don’t forget to take a walk in the treetops on footbridges suspended 20 metres high… You’ll discover species of trees, flowers and plants that are usually inaccessible, such as orchids and wild pineapples…

Your children will have the chance to discover the Kaz’ à Tarzan, several footbridges, slides, secret passages… a cabin all their own where parents often have trouble convincing their children to go out… but the promise of seeing Victor, the jaguar always wins out!